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Hello from Stuart...

Hello I am Stuart Michael and I am a Psychic Medium. I am available for theatre performances, venues, group readings and private individual readings. Thank you for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy learning more about me below.

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My Story

The earliest memories I have are of me being 2 or 3 years old. I kept talking about Germany, the family I had there, my friends and describing where I lived. My parents had never mentioned Germany, I had never been there, nor had anyone else mentioned Germany that I had been around. My parents at first thought it very odd behaviour but shrugged it off as me having a wild imagination. I however kept growing frustrated that I was not being taken seriously and wanted to know why I was no longer in Germany with all of my family and friends that I had there.

  I started mentioning places in Germany,  even speaking in a way that my mother thought may have been German. She researched into places I had mentioned, which happened to be by The Black Forest in Germany! How was it possible that I had mentioned these places and locations so accurately? We came to believe I had been describing a previous life, that is the only explanation we all could think of, even if it is a strange explanation.

  I then started to see people that nobody else could and having premonitions that came true. When I was 5 years old my mother made friends with a neighbour who happened to be an experienced psychic. She came round for coffee one day and met me for the first time. My mother had not discussed what had been happening with me prior to this. As soon as she met me she had to tell my mother that she thought I had a very strong gift, that of a psychic medium. She explained she needed to teach me how to tune in and out of my gift otherwise I would become ill having all the messages coming through that I was. 

  From as young as 5 I was taught how to use my gift properly. I was able to give readings by using psychometry and people were stunned that someone so young could be so accurate with giving a reading. As I grew up, although I gave readings for friends and by word of worth, I still really did not publicise the fact that I had the gift.

  I worked in the performing industry. I was a singer, dancer and actor and my work took me all over the world. Soon colleagues became aware of my gift, wanted readings, and were recommending me to lots of people based upon how accurate their reading had been with me. I was having a lot of attraction from people both in the UK and US.

 Soon I was getting lots of bookings, venues booked me, celebrities booked me and I became busier and busier and eventually started to have my own theatre performances.

 I love what I do, using my gift to bring others comfort, guidance and reassurance. 


To discuss any bookings including private readings, group readings or if you are a venue wanting to book Stuart for a psychic night please use the following:

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